Beagle Score Press Kit

A Brief History

The goal from the beginning was to make the world of business site location data as simple as possible. Beagle Score started with a plan to generate a single score or number for an address. A proof of concept was developed as an entry to the 2014 Go Code Colorado app challenge in Fort Collins and was selected as a finalist. Beagle Score represented Fort Collins at the state-wide final event on May 9, 2014 at the Denver Art Museum. Beagle Score was named the winner of the competition and won a $25k contract with the State of Colorado to help businesses find the best place to settle down.

Company Profile

Beagle Score Limited was founded by Wojciech Magda and Sean Wittmeyer in Fort Collins, Colorado in May 2014. We are online at and on Twitter as @BeagleScore. We can be reached by phone (+1 970 219 2477) or by email at Beagle Score Limited offers a single product, the Beagle Score widget.

Our Product

Beagle Score provides a simple widget that can be easily integrated into existing websites. Our primary customers are Real Estate Broker Companies and MLS search engines who are serving entrepreneurs and business owners.

The Beagle Score widget/app is made up of a single score, an indicator of how fit a location is for business. The score is delivered with an easy-to-use interface offering all of the data Beagle can fetch. Information is categorized into taxes, neighborhood, competition, infrastructure and regulations and shows the source for each item returned. Beagle is designed to let business owners and entrepreneurs explore the information and data behind the score, and can be personalized by setting the business type and a variety of weights. As of May 2014, Beagle Scores are made up of over 30 data sources and more are being added every day.

Beagle Score is at it's best when embedded in real estate listing websites. Beagle Scores are a free value added resource that will help visitors and brokers alike make educated decisions when evaluating properties. The score can be embedded in any website with a single line of code and will load all of the information Beagle can find for the given location. Beagle Score's launch partner was KL Realty in Boulder, Colorado. An example of the score running can be seen at

As a result of our contract with the Colorado Secretary of State, the intellectual property of Beagle Score is owned by the State of Colorado. The app is being developed and managed by Beagle Score Limited.

Go Code Colorado

Go Code Colorado is an apps challenge designed to make public data more accessible and user-friendly. Teams of developers and entrepreneurs across the state will compete to solve business problems and grow our economy, by building apps that will help Colorado companies thrive. Build apps. Build business. Build Colorado.

The winning teams include:

  1. Beagle Score of Fort Collins
  2. BizLink Colorado of Durango
  3. Local Sage of Colorado Springs

Learn more about Go Code Colorado online at their website:


Beagle Score has been featured or mentioned in a number of media outlets across Colorado.

Screenshots, Photos, Logos, and the Presentation Deck

We've collected a number of images, photos, logos, and screenshots of the Beagle Score app suitable for print. We also have our presentation deck we used at the Go Code Colorado final event available.